Beauty and perfume empties – autumn 2019

beauty and perfume empties

As a huge perfume lover and collector it’s quite unusual for me to finish up a whole bottle of fragrance. Hence why when it finally happens, it’s always a big event (also an excuse to replace an empty slot with something new ;)). This month I was able to empty not one, but two perfumes. And some haircare products.

Rahua Hydration shampoo and conditioner

Last year I discovered that my hair may not be as straight as I thought it was. Growing up in the early 2000s meant that burning my hair with a straightening iron was a daily routine. However during rainy humid days all my efforts were easily ruined. My hair became puffy and frizzy and I couldn’t understand why. Fast forward to a few years later I ditched using hot styling tools completely, which improved hair texture, but there was still a lot to do. The more I read about hair types and haircare I realized that mine might actually be wavy. And so desperate tries to have a straight hair are pretty counterintuitive. It was also a time when I discovered Rahua products. Rahua a natural, organic and cruelty free brand, which creates sulfates and parabens free haircare. Enriched with rare Amazonian oils and natural protein-bonding sugars hair products helped with restoring moisture and emphasizing natural waves. Ever since I’ve been switching between Hydration and Volume lines. And I think I like the Hydration one better also because passion fruit and mango scent. Finally my hair is smoother, shinier and, most importantly, healthier.

Davines Nuroshing Hair Building Pak

But of course not only changing a shampoo and conditioner in my routine helped restore my damaged hair, but also a hair mask. Davines is a pretty well known, also natural haircare brand from Italy and their acclaimed products not always work with my demanding hair. However this Nuroshing Hair Building Pak (together with Nou Nou moisturizing treatment) works wonders. I usually use it on wet hair and leave underneath a warm towel for at least 40 minutes. After that time I rinse it off with lukewarm water and let my hair air dry. This treatment leaves my hair shiny and is silky smooth. I will definitely repurchase it!

CB I Hate Perfume Eternal Return

This perfume was a souvenir from my trip to New York in 2017. Back then CB I Hate Perfume still had a showroom on Brooklyn (now it’s Jersey City). I vividly remember endless shelves of perfumes, pink neons and a very kind sales associate, who told me the whole story and concept behind the brand. With a limited budget I could pick only one perfume, which, as you can imagine, was very challenging. Finally, as a Nietzsche fan, I chose Eternal Return, which is by far the most realistic petrichor scent I ever smelled. Cypressy, woody, incredibly airy, but not salty. It smells exactly a like fresh air after chilly rain. I’m saying goodbye to this bottle with a heavy heart. It was much loved.

Byredo Bal d’Afrique

The ultimate autumnal scent. If I’m not mistaken I also bought this perfume in 2017, but this time around in Milan. Campomarzio70 is one of my favorite niche perfumeries in the world so every time I’m in Italy I visit their stores. Way back then Byredo still wasn’t avaliable in Switzerland (now you can find their products in Jelmoli) hence why I needed to get it abroad. I have chosen a lovely set of three Byredo perfumes and Bal d’Afrique quickly became my favorite. New bottle is already on its way.

Amouage Lyric Man scented candle

Personally I much more prefer Lyric Man over Woman perfume version. This candle was a gift from someone who knew about my at that time Amouage obsession. Unfortunately the scent was a little disappointing. Now I am very much aware that either scented body products or candles based on a perfume will smell different. But the difference between Lyric Man the fragrance and Lyric Man the candle is very noticeable. The candle is much more metallic and actually reminds me more of another stunning Amouage rose perfume – Opus X. But having that said I enjoyed being around the scent of that candle. I just don’t think I will repurchase it.


Lately more often I question myself how hobby aka perfume collecting can be more sustainable and ecological friendly. An obvious answer to that would be simply buy less and that’s always the best advice. But I already own a nice collection of perfumes and candles so I decided to try to reuse them as much as I can. So how instead of an empty candle I have a new plant pot and two new tiny vases. I’m not gonna lie. I’m already very excited for Chanel no 5 flower vase.

What about you? Do you upcycle your beauty empties?

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Love, Kasia xx

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