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Tauer L’air des Alpes Suisses review

andy tauer l'air des alpes suisses perfume

The newest Andy Tauer’s perfume wasn’t inspired by subtropical climates or deserts (unlike his previous masterpieces), but by his motherland – Switzerland, more precisely the Alps. As someone who lives in Switzerland too, spends almost every summer Saturday on hiking and already owns couple of other Tauer creations I knew I had to review this one. Especially because L’air des Alpes Suisses is a true metaphor of an uphill hike through varied alpine landscapes.

panorama over swiss alps l'air des alpes suisses tauer

Top notes: Herbal meadows

The perfume opens with herbal notes of lately popular mint and lavender as your hiking trail leads you along many medicinal plants. The air is crisp clean and fresh and you are being surrounded by a complete silence. If you’re quiet and lucky enough you might even spot chamois or playful marmots with their high-pitched chirp. Many paragliders are flying above your head. Your ascent continues alongside colorful flowers, enchanting marches and fragrant meadows. And of course majestic views.

the view over swiss alps from lac de vaux

Middle notes: Coniferous forest

After an hour or two you enter the forest, which contains mostly evergreen trees and shrubs such as firs, spruces and Swiss pines. The Swiss pines are especially rich in scented resin, which gives the air pleasant earthy, yet sweet smell. Your patch becomes steeper and steeper, but because the trees cast a lot of shadow your hike is very enjoyable. You observe alpine wildlife and idyllic nature.

Base notes: Alpine Tundra

And finally you have made it to the top! Now you can just lie down on a grass by the sparkling lake and soak up the sun. The alpine air is quite chilly here so warm sunbeams are gently caressing your face. The surroundings is calm and tranquil. Despite feeling tired you are content and fulfilled, because you went through such a long journey. L’air des Alpes Suisses reflects this feeling of inner warmth in the base notes of tonka bean and ambergris.

Where to find Tauer perfumes?

In Switzerland: in Zurich via Fabrikat and Süskind (Tauerville collection)

In Poland: in Warsaw via Galilu

and of course online

All the pictures were shot during my hike towards Lac des Vaux. If you wish to hike in the Swiss Alps, but you don’t know which trail to choose here’s a fantastic hiking guide. Disclosure: none of the links are affiliated.

Love, Kasia xx



A polish girl living in Switzerland, who has a degree in musicology and is obsessed with perfumes. I own 70+ dresses. And even more perfume bottles.



Dear Kasia,
Your review made me want to go back to the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful nature of the Swiss Alps. I will definitely smell this perfume soon 🙂
Wonderful photos!


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