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Years 2016-2017 in the perfume world were all about that yuzu note. James Heeley released his sparkling Note de Yuzu, Ermenegildo Zegna launched Talent (yuzu with citruses and black tea), and everyone was talking about Still Life in Rio from Olfactive Studio. Two years later it seems like a distant trend, principally because roses are ruling in 2019. But there have a strong competitor…

Of course mint in perfumes isn’t anything new. In fact there’re already many fantastic minty creations, but this summer we see this ingredient almost everywhere.

Diptyque Eau de Minthé

Ummmm… well. Ok. There’s a reason why Diptyque perfumes (we’re not talking about candles!) are usually loved more by women rather than men: their creations lean towards feminine side. Think: Eau de Lirre, Fleur de Peau or even Vetyverio. So I guess that Diptyque representatives listened to the complains and created something more masculine. With a mediocre result. I could only recommend it to the hardcore fans of Drakkar Noir.

Will Eau de Minthé get on my ‘to buy list’? No. Thank u, next.

Miller et Bertaux Menta y Menta

Ahh now the mint is much softer. Lately I had a very interesting conversation with the fellow fraghead friend about misconceptions about perfume lovers. It seems that the majority people imagine us as flamboyant people, who always wear heavy orientals, which one can smell 10 minutes before our arrival. I would honestly love to live this fantasy, but the harsh reality of everyday life makes me dress quite modest when it comes to perfumes. Don’t get me wrong: I can appreciate almost every single creation, but what I normally wear is a different story. Now Menta y Menta is exactly what I would wear to a business meeting, Saturday hiking, spinning class, or just regular hot summer day.

Will Menta y Menta get on my ‘to buy list’? Yes! on the very top of it.

Serge Lutens L’Eau d’Armoise

… aka Serge Lutens in search of minimalism. I know that this creation is very polarizing, especially for old-school fans from the Serge Noir era. I see it that way: like in music world fans are quite often disappointed when a band or musician change styles, or experiment with sound. Suddenly “they are not the same as they used to be” and “their music became different” etc. As if that was something bad. From the creator’s perspective I know that we all grow, evolve and change. And it really can be a burden to play the same songs over and over for 20 years. As for Serge Lutens, this isn’t the first time he gravitates towards the minimalistic approach. In fact ever since 2009 he pushes the idea of creating anti-perfumes (L’Eau Serge Lutens, Laine de Verre) and honestly can’t understand why 10 years later people are still mad at him for it.

L’Eau d’Armoise is a soft green fragrance, which transfers you into a herb garden on early summer day. The sun is already out, but the air is still a little bit chilly, so the plants’ smell isn’t in its full capacity yet. You walk along the alleys of geranium, mugwort and peppermint and luxuriate the meditative freshness around you.

Will L’Eau d’Armoise get on my ‘to buy list’? YES!

Perfume bottles

As it turns out not only mint as a trendy perfume ingredient, but also a color. Following last years’ red bottle trend perfume brands try to outdistance each other in a quest of creating the most minty bottle of them all. This year’s flankers of L’Homme Ideal and Jaipur? Minty green. Green Lover from Lolita Lempicka? Minty green (also with mint as a dominant note). Davidoff Run Wild? Minty green. And so on and so on. But in my opinion, Gucci really out did itself with not only releasing new Memoire d’une Odeur and Gucci Guilty Cologne Pour Homme, but even dressing the limited edition Flora called Flora Emerald Gardenia in a green bottle (not pastel green, but still).

But why minty green all of the sudden you might ask. Well I predict two reasons. The reason number one is greenery being a main marketing trend right now. Many campaigns touch the topic of reconnecting with nature, being in the moment and enjoying how beautiful planet Earth can be. With the constantly rising problem of global warming sustainability is also very important marketing tactic. And if you’d think about nature, which color comes to your mind? Green!

Reason number two is a general pastel trend, which we can spot in current fashion. Of course lilacs, lavenders and light pinks are amongst the most popular pastel colors, but shades of light green are worn by fashion influencers too. Although Pantone selected actually a lime green as one of trending colors for the summer. Add those two reasons together and you’ll get minty green.

Do you like mint in perfumes? Do you think this trend will last long? Let me know!

Love, Kasia xx

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