Tulip heaven in Mainau

I always thought that I have to visit a tulip farm in Lisse or somewhere else in Holland in order to channel my inner Instagram model and run through an endless sea of tulips. But I was wrong. Just an hour drive from Zurich, there is this magical place in Southern Germany. With over a million blooming tulips, a butterfly house, an orchid exhibition and many more attractions.

How to get to the Mainau Island?

If you are traveling by train form Switzerland or other cities in Germany, the easiest way is to get to Konstanz Main Station and from there take a bus no 13/4. The bus tickets can be easily purchased at the ticket machine located next to the bus stop (Konstanz Bahnhof). Just bear in mind that only cash payment is possible. Mainau Island is also very accessible by a car.


The thing I did not check before my trip is that you can buy online a print-at-home ticket, so I ended up queuing for 20 minutes. Please learn from my mistakes and get them in advance.

When to visit?

The botanical gardens are open during the whole year, so the majority of attractions are seasonal. And so you should plan your trip depending on type of flowers you would like to see. For tulips mid April is the best time to see them in a full bloom. Mainau Island is also famous for rose, hydrangea and dahlia blooms. But for more in depth information please check out The offical Mainau website

The island itself is located on the Lake Constance, which makes it even more picturesque and unique. With millions of flowers blooming this place is every photographer, perfume and nature lover dream come true. Honestly I cannot find words that could describe how glorious this place smells besides that the scent is potent. All those flower meadows full of not only tulips, but also hyacinths and narcissues make quite an interesting mix.

The Butterfly House

Besides the tulip fields my personal favorite attraction definitely was the butterfly house! With plenty of tropical plants, gigantic monsteras and over 100 different species of very colorful butterflies just flying over everyone’s heads. One thing to have in mind before visiting this place is that is very very humid (approx. 90%) which can affect in misting over your camera lens. And speaking about the photography I think it is important to note that sadly areal and drone devices are strictly prohibited on the whole island.

I could go for hours talking about what I saw and what I missed, because the island has so much to offer: a palm house, an orchid show (3000 orchids!), an italian rose garden (in bloom between May and September), a baroque palace and more and more. And if you get hungry during sightseeing then do not worry. There are plenty of restaurants with delicious food and also many vegan options.

I definitely feel that I will have to visit this place again in another month. Maybe for rose blossoms and voting for the Mainau Queen of Roses?

Love, Kasia xx

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