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Vintage Gucci-esque dress

This week I visited Camellia Park in Locarno and during my visit I did couple of self portraits wearing my very matching camellia slingbacks and a vintage dress from the 60s. Let me tell you more about this garment.

I bought it on Etsy from an American seller and it was described as a vintage mod dress from the 60s. Seeing it in person I couldn’t believe that this dress really is vintage. Only the old school typewriter tags are showing the apparel’s age. Besides that there is not a single stain, or discoloration. This dress really looks like it was never worn before, or maybe once to the prom or The Jam concert and spent 50 years on someone else’s attic waiting to be found.

Some of the recent Gucci designs

But a very similar, if not the same dress, had to be featured in Alessandro Michele’s inspiration closet or fashion archives, because a lot of recent Gucci designs look, in my opinion, a lot like my Etsy find.

I hope that you can clearly see the inspiration. Especially the puff sleeves of the red sweater really resemble how my vintage dress was designed.

The only thing that is a quite off with this dress is its skirt length. As you can see on the picture above it covers up my knees, so it is neither a mini nor a midi dress. I am not the tallest person and this shot is definitely not elongating me (pro foto tip: if you want to appear taller in a picture, have it taken from below), but I really wanted to showcase that somewhat awkward length. The top part of the dress is heavily decorated with ruffles and puff sleeves and so a long straight skirt seems to be quite a random and unfitting choice. In my opinion, a much shorter skirt would make the garment look more modern and less ‘heavy’. Of course every dressmaker would shorten my dress in the twinkling of an eye, but I don’t want to devastate the original silhouette. You see, it survived more than 50 years in a perfect condition. And yes, it is not made by Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain or other great couturier, but still it hurts me to make even a smallest change.

What would you do? Would you have a vintage piece of clothing fitted to more modern silhouette, or would you rather keep an original stitching and a shape?

Love, Kasia xx

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